Cladding Bricks Vs Cladding Tiles: Know The Difference

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Home exteriors are becoming versatile with the vast number of options available in the market to adorn your outer walls. You can totally transform the current look of your home with something very simple. In today’s times, 2 such aesthetic options for building exteriors are cladding bricks and cladding tiles. Rustic, elegant, and classy, both of these unique construction materials have found great popularity in recent times. 

But how do these 2 differ from each other? Why are cladding tiles different from cladding bricks? This blog sheds light on the difference between the two, so you can make a better decision while choosing one of them. Let’s take a look.

Cladding Brick

Often left exposed for their amazing look, these exterior bricks are fired at such high temperatures that they gain an absolutely beautiful texture while also acquiring amazing weatherproof qualities. This is the reason why they can be left out in the elements. Often used in a variety of constructions, they are totally timeless, give a rather sophisticated look, and often do not need a second layer of brick to support them. Here are some benefits of the cladding brick: 

  • Versatile

Because of having such a wide variety in finishes, textures, and colours, they are a versatile option for construction. The best part is that they work great for both modern and traditional constructions.

  • Eco-friendly

They are made of natural clay and mineral, which makes them greatly eco-friendly and are a sustainable choice for your exterior walls.

  • Low Maintenance

Because they are made at such high temperatures, these bricks can hold their own against a lot. This is why they are often known to be low maintenance and can last for as long as 50 years.

Cladding Tiles

Another popular exterior construction material is the cladding tile. Much like the name already suggests, these are tiles that replicate the look of the cladding bricks while the bricks behind them can be normal or hollow bricks. Aesthetically pleasuring, these beautiful tiles are actually also quite protective towards the wall as they add an extra layer on top. Here are some great benefits of using cladding tiles:

  • Easy Process

The process to install these tiles is super-easy as they are cemented to the brick wall just like any other tile.

  • Less Maintenance

Because of their finish, these tiles do not require much maintenance. You can give them a simple wash every once in a while, and they would still last for decades.

  • Attractive Look

These tiles give a stunning look to the building because of how rustic, and exposed brick structure looks. It is a total value added to the construction.

Whether you wish to use the bricks or the tiles, the choice depends on what your needs and budget are. What is definite, though, is that both these fabulous options will make your construction look great. Jindal Mechno Bricks is a leading manufacturer of wall cladding tiles and cladding bricks that are made at the highest quality and with utmost consistency. Get in touch with us to place your order today or visit your nearest dealer to ask for Jindal Mechno Bricks.

Jindal Mechno Bricks

Jindal Mechno Bricks

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