7 Interesting facts about exposed brick cladding

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Have you purchased a home recently? Does the idea of decorating your home gives you anxiety? Do you worry if everything will come off ideally or not? The answer to all these questions might be a strong ‘Yes’, all because of the blockage in mind. However, designing a home is not supposed to be stressful, and that can only happen if one lets God of their old conventional designing ideas in exchange for a more unique and out-of-the-box approach. 

Do you remember visiting some old monument and looking at its design and being floored? It can be your house that does the same to others if one opts for the approach that might come across as odd but may end up being the jewel in the crown. The exposed bricks cladding usually adds to the look of these old monuments and old town streets in various foreign cities, and if it can work for them, then there is absolutely no reason why it can’t work for your home. So here are some interesting facts about exposed brick cladding.

What is meant by exposed brick cladding?

Exposed brick cladding is a brick layering installed in front of walls or base material used in pillars to protect them from damage from any external factors like water, sun, etc.

The brick cladding can serve as an added layer of protection for the walls or pillars, but it is not limited. The exposed wall cladding can also come forth as a decorative measure and is slowly gaining prominence again to decorate one’s house. The exposed brick cladding has stood the test of time as one of the more popular methods to decorate homes, buildings, etc. Various benefits and uses further strengthen the case for opting for them.

Some interesting facts about exposed bricks cladding 

  • The extra bricklayer can be beneficial for protecting walls, pillars, or whatever it is covering. The brick is highly absorbent and can do the job of absorbing water, excess sunlight, physical damage, or any other threat that may occur. Having that extra bit of layer can come in very handy once one realizes just how much damage it can prevent.
  • While the walls come plain and straightforward, exposed brick cladding can add some sense of design and style. Of course, any wall or pillar may require wallpaper or some expensive work done to give a nice feel to it, but an exposed brick cladding can also take care of this factor.
  • The exposed brick cladding is very easy on the pocket. People don’t realize this, but brick cladding can save as much as 20 to 50 percent of expenditure that a person might have to go with otherwise if they wish to decorate the walls and pillars in the house. 
  • Exposed brick cladding can bring with it a vintage feel. The cladding acts as a much more exciting decoration option than any other material present in the market. The exposed cladding adds a premium feel to the home if executed perfectly, and the home can indeed come to look like a monument.
  • An exposed wall cladding may cost rupees 10,278 per square foot for a 9 feet wall, but the finished product can significantly improve the price of a property due to the feeling that it gives away. It may play a part in appreciating the value by a percentage or 2 depending on how much area it has covered in the house.
  • The durability of the exposed wall cladding is extremely lengthy. Once installed, the person may not have to worry about spending money on the walls for decades at a stretch, and this may help save lakhs of rupees that might otherwise be spent on redecorating walls and pillars.
  • Almost half the monuments in India prominently feature exposed brick walls, and the concept also heavily features in buildings built during colonial times. Even today, half of the structures in Mumbai, Churchgate, and Colaba have buildings and structures that boast of exposed brick-cladded walls and pillars.

Exposed bricks cladding seems to be picking up again. The cladding has been prominent in the olden times and is still prominently present in various towns and cities and adds a sense of antiqueness. Today, the exposed wall cladding finds its purpose as a decorative item in various cafes and office settings. The bricks used can be of any color or design. The cladding cost is also significantly less than other decorative measures, so one can rightly opt to go for this re-emerging decorative style.

The Bottom Line 

Rather than spending loads of cash on getting a wall to look excellent for a short period, it instead makes sense to go for a brick cladding wall that not only stands the test of time but also can prevent damages and also needs less maintenance which makes it more economical in more than one way. Not to mention that it also offers a warming, homely feel to it.

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