Stylish Brick Wall Cladding Ideas for Exteriors and Interiors

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A new house or one ready for large-scale renovation is full of bubbling potential. Decorating the wall is a number one priority to ensure the house turns out beautiful. This is why people go for brick cladding on the walls. You can change the very look and feel of home with interior and/ or exterior cladding tiles. The effect ensures the walls not only look attractive but imbues them with usefulness.

Cladded tiles can be used to decorate the exterior as well as the interior of a house. Take a look at why you should go for brick cladding.

Why is Brick Wall Cladding a Popular Choice?

Brick cladding has benefits that go beyond the pleasure of aesthetics. Their usefulness ensures that your home is beautiful and a safe place resistant to decay. Take a look at the following advantages that make cladding tiles for interior walls as well as the exterior a popular choice among homeowners and renovators –

Ease of Maintenance

Maintaining brick cladding walls is easier than you think. Most wally designs are wickedly challenging to manage. However, the hollowed bricks of cladding offer no resistance to maintenance techniques. The uniformity in size and structure helps keep the effects of environmental deterioration at bay. You can have sparkling clean walls as good as new even after decades.
Resists Hazards

The resistance to hazardous factors is one of the biggest reasons that draw people to cladding tiles. To ensure your home’s foundation remains strong, go for brick cladding. The hollowed interior of the bricks eliminates much of the pressures a house thrusts on its foundations. Moreover, brick cladding shelters the building from pollutants, mould growth, and cracks.


The durability of brick cladding tiles is unflinchingly strong and substantial. Forget all your worries about accidentally chipping, scratching, or making any mark on your wall. The powerful surface of brick cladding walls does not face defeat at paltry attempts that would normally destroy other types of tiles. You can trust brick cladding surfaces with the heavy work.

Top Five Eye-Catching Brick Wall Cladding Ideas

When used right, brick cladding walls offer more than functionality – they can change and uplift the entire look of your home. Adding a touch of modernity to contemporary homes, brick cladding improves the aesthetic value of a home tenfold. However, to get the most out of your tiles, you should put them up at strategic points. Here are five great brick cladding ideas for the exterior as well as the interior aspects of your home –

Stair Wall

Even the drabbest staircases can improve dramatically with the help of cladding tiles for interior walls. You have two options you can choose from to give your stairs a leg-up. You can lay cladding tiles on each step of the staircase. Not only does it look great, but it also offers excellent grip, thus preventing people from slipping on the stairs, a very common household accident. Or you can put up brick cladding tiles against the bannisters to give it a mod-contemporary look. Sophistication is the name of the brick-cladding game.


Cladding tiles for interior walls look best in strategic rooms in the house. You can place the brick cladding in the entrance hallway to your home. The living room is also an excellent jumping-off point. Since it is the most visited and used room, a brick-cladding space can lift the outlook.


The exterior of a home should always look impeccable. It tells the outside world about the tastes of the people who inhabit it. You can decorate a large part of the front of your home with brick-cladding tiles juxtaposed with a plan surface in neutral or dark colours. The view it offers is one of elegance and utter opulence – a house straight from the pages of a high-end fashionable home magazine.


A plain fireplace can never hold a candle to one with a brick-cladding exterior. The sombre exquisiteness of such a fireplace is enough to radically improve the plainest of living rooms. The charm of a fireplace with brick–cladding tiles not only lies in its safety, which it certainly does. It also adds a suave effect that bespeaks the select tastes of the homeowner.


A brick cladding makeover certainly ups the ‘it’ factor of a home. If not for structural integrity, you can certainly provide a touch of the artistic with interior designs made of brick cladding tiles. From portrait-sized structures to tasteful pillars, the sky’s the limit.


Brick-cladding walls and tiles are affordable yet sophisticated additions that can elevate the entire look and structure of a home. As one of the best brick cladding manufacturers in India, Jindal Mechno Bricks offers the best cladding products in the market. From a variety of durable and long-lasting pigmented brick-cladding tiles, take your pick.

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