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Brick pavers are a type of brick that is manufactured to be laid flat on the ground. Also known as pavers tiles, these thin yet sturdy pavement bricks are used to add flair to the ground and a certain level of cosiness to the overall look. With a colour that will never fade, these outdoor paving tiles are mostly preferred in the hospitality industry but have begun to be a great feature in homes and home gardens as well.

Product Features

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Home appearance

Brick pavers are preferred for the hospitality sector (like hotels, resorts), homes and farmhouses. The best Brick pavers offer a cosy homely look, whereas cement pavers look commercial.

Evergreen Colour

The colours are the same throughout the pavers’ thickness, and colours are obtained after firing. Therefore, colour fading will never occur as it does in the case of cement pavers because they either use artificial pigments or an upper film of colour which fades over time.

Types of Laying Patterns

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Running Board

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45 stretcher board

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Basket Weave

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Half Basket Weave

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Diagonal Herringbone

Why install Interlocking Design Tiles?

Easy installation

Tiles fit together without adhesives or special tools.


Available in various materials and suitable for multiple applications.


Withstands heavy foot traffic and impacts, long-lasting.

Easy to replace

Damaged tiles can be replaced individually without harming the rest.

Comfort and safety

Cushioning, shock absorption, and non-slip surface.

Sound insulation

Some tiles reduce noise, which is useful for sound-prone areas.


Long-term savings due to longevity and ease of installation.

Why Choose Us for Paver Tiles in India

High-Quality Materials

Our best brick pavers are crafted from top-grade materials, ensuring durability, longevity, and resistance to wear and tear.

Expert Craftsmanship

Our floor paving tiles are skillfully manufactured by experienced professionals, maintaining excellent quality and precision in every piece.

Customisation Options

We provide the flexibility for customised paver tiles solution, allowing clients to tailor designs and specifications to their unique needs

Competitive Prices

Despite offering superior quality, our pavement bricks have competitive prices, providing great value for money to our customers.

Timely Delivery

We prioritise your time and strive to deliver orders on time, ensuring smooth and efficient project completion.

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Advantages of Using Pavers Tiles


Outdoor paving tiles can resist heavy traffic and weather, suitable for outdoor areas like driveways and patios.

Easy Maintenance

Minimal upkeep is required. Damaged tiles can be substituted individually, keeping them looking new.


Available in various shapes, sizes, colours, and patterns, offering creative design options for different settings.

Quick Installation

Interlocking pavers require no adhesives, leading to a fast and cost-effective installation process.

Where Can Be Paver Tiles & Bricks Used


The best brick pavers can be used to create durable and aesthetically pleasing driveways, handling vehicle loads effectively.


These materials are perfect for constructing attractive, low-maintenance outdoor patio areas.


Floor paving tiles and bricks are ideal for designing beautiful and functional walkways in gardens, parks, or commercial spaces.

Pool Decks

Their slip-resistant surface makes them a safe and stylish choice for pool decks, resisting water and weather damage.


Brick pavers can enhance landscape designs by creating borders, edgings, and focal points, adding charm to gardens and outdoor spaces.

Cost of Pavers Tiles & Blocks in India

The cost of pavers tiles, and blocks in India typically ranges from INR 30 to INR 150 per square foot, depending on the material, design, and brand. Concrete pavers are generally more affordable, while natural stone and premium designs can be at the higher end of the price spectrum. Prices may vary in different regions and are subject to change over time.

Tips for Proper Installation of Pavers

Proper Base Preparation

Ensure a stable and well-compacted base for the pavers.

Use Edge Restraints

Install edge restraints to keep the pavers in place.

Maintain Consistent Joint Spacing

Ensure uniform spacing between pavers for an even layout.

Use a Rubber Mallet

Gently tap pavers into place for level installation.

Sweep and Compact Joint Sand

Sweep and compact joint sand to secure the pavers and prevent weed growth.


It depends on the type and quality of the paving and tiles. Generally, concrete pavers are more affordable than high-end tiles.
Depending on the desired properties and application, pavers tiles are typically made from materials like concrete, clay, natural stone, or rubber.
Tiles are typically thinner and designed for indoor use, while pavers are thicker and sturdier, suitable for outdoor applications like driveways and patios.
With proper installation and maintenance, pavers can last for decades, even up to 25-30 years, due to their durability and resistance to wear.
Due to their strength and visual appeal, pavers are commonly used for outdoor landscaping, such as driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, and garden pathways.