6 Ways to Improve Your Home with Stone Cladding

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Nowadays, like other homeowners, you may be looking for the ideal way to spruce up your property to make it stand out from the rest. Natural stone cladding may convert the home’s interior and exterior into a gorgeous sight, transforming it into a brand new area with an entirely different ambiance and feel.

Home with Stone cladding enhances the appearance of your home regardless of its age or architectural type. In terms of style, installation, and appearance, there have been many changes in the stone cladding industry. Various options and designs are available for stone cladding, ranging from simple block looks to more sophisticated velvety stone types. Each of these designs is intended to offer your property a unique and flawless appearance. It can visually improve any location, no matter how large or small.

In this post, we’ll look at how you may use several beautiful natural stone materials to improve various sections of your home.

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Stone Cladding for Home Interior

Interior Walls

Natural stone, of course, looks equally beautiful on the inside and outside of your home. Install granite stone cladding in your kitchen to give it a more modern feel, or marble stone cladding in your bathroom to give it a glamorous look. With so many materials and styles to choose from, you’ll have no trouble establishing the mood you want for your home’s interior.


Adding stone floor coverings to a smaller area or other elements on the walls is a terrific way to bring the charm and beauty of stone into the space. The stone veneer gives an aesthetic feeling while allowing the wall space to be utilized in various ways. It’s an excellent choice for kitchens or narrower corridors. You and your guests can’t stop yourself from gazing down while walking if your flooring is dressed in natural stone. Natural stone cladding promises to magnify the attractiveness of your home and modify the entire ambiance since both are very durable and easy to maintain flooring materials.


Having a fireplace in your house is unquestionably a statement of luxury, and it can make a vast area feel both calm and warm. So, if you’re having a fireplace installed or remodeling your home, think about using natural stone to decorate the exterior; it gives a romantic touch to the look.

Stone Cladding for Exterior

Exterior Walls

The most apparent application of stone cladding is to cover the exterior of a house or to create one or two accent walls on the outside. A property with greyish cut stone exterior walls exudes refinement, while a balcony with stone walls provides a bright and welcome entry. Because it recreates a historical material for a new, fresh aesthetic that sets it distinct, a stone-clad home has a timeless appearance.

Stylish Outdoor elements

Of course, stone Cladding can not only be used on the exterior walls of a home but also in other outdoor areas. It can be used to frame an open-air grill or fireplace, creating a lovely and elegant atmosphere ideal for gatherings with friends and family. It is recommended to choose stones of varied sizes that offer a rustic and homey atmosphere. Randomly coursed sandstone is a fantastic example of brilliant golden colors or creamy and graceful york stone.

Garden Walls

In the summer, the garden is a paradise, and even in the winter, it may be a delight to gaze upon from the sunshine of a window seat. Garden walls can be essential boundary marks, or they can be a landscape element that acts as a lovely backdrop to the plants and other aspects in the garden with the correct stone coating. Lower walls, such as retaining walls surrounding a landscaped slope, can also be coated in stone.

Stone cladding instantly provides your structure with a more natural appearance while also adding to its beauty. It makes exteriors easier to handle and lowers maintenance costs.

The advantages of natural stone cladding, on the other hand, go beyond aesthetics. Several other benefits make it a popular choice among property owners. Take a look at some of them-

Benefits of Stone Cladding In Homes

Guaranteed Durability

Natural stone panels, which are highly resistant to the elements, will have a longer service life. This durability ensures that the finished product can be enjoyed without risk of damage when used indoors for floors, fireplaces, and other applications.

Aesthetic Look

Natural stone cladding makes it simple to achieve the look of a stone structure quickly, easily, and consistently. Each stone tile is unique, giving them a genuinely aesthetic look. A wide range of colors and styles are adjustable to fit any aesthetic look.

Structural Stability

Most modern structures are not built to support the weight of a stone, but natural stone cladding is significantly lighter and may be utilized up to 3metres tall without wall ties.

Simple to Maintain

Another essential factor to consider when selecting materials for your home is maintenance. If the stones are excessively unclean, you can clean them with any detergent. Stone Cladding is also a fantastic alternative in this case. They’re so simple to keep clean that all you have to do is wash them with ordinary water to keep their lustre.


When using full-sized pieces, replicating the look of actual stone might be prohibitively expensive. Stone tiles are far less expensive and provide the same effect; installation is also less expensive and can be done with the most basic materials and expertise. The expense of transporting materials has also decreased.

Use natural stone cladding and give a new look to your home today! At Jindal Mechno Bricks, we have a wide range of stone cladding for the interior and exterior. Get in touch with us today, and get the best cladding for your home.

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