Why are roof tiles always in trend?

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The importance of having shelter over one’s head cannot be understated. To have a place that one can call their home and where they can feel safe is significant. Man’s evolution from monkeys to humans has established the need for shelter as one of the most important ones alongside food and water. This shelter that cones in the form of one’s lens home also needs to be safe and secure from within and outside to comfort the people living inside. That is why one needs to ensure that they build their house with the best materials available to prevent their safety and security.

Roof tiles are a critical aspect of the house, and their importance can’t be understated. Shelter’s main priority is to protect the person from the outside world, and a roof can only deal with natural things like rain, sunlight, wind, etc. So the roofs need to be in place to handle the problem at hand, and to ensure maximum safety, roof tiling is very important.

What are roof tiles?

Roof tiling is the covering of roofs from the outside. It is covered using varied tiles, which helps keep out dust, rain, sunlight, and other external factors and ensures the people’s safety. Usually, Terracotta or Slate is used in the making of roof tiles. However, concrete, metal, and plastic are also used to make roof tiles and do an excellent job in keeping out any trouble which is why they are still pretty much in trend. The roof tiles have managed to stay relevant over the years, and here we take a look at why they still enjoy so much popularity. 

The popularity of Roof tiles

First and foremost, one can’t look past the primary purpose of roof tiles, providing safety from outside forces. However, the reason for roof tiles’ popularity goes way beyond this. Certain villages in India and other hot countries to date opt to go with the clay tile because of its heat-reflecting capability. The clay tile keeps the home cool in summer, just like the clay pot that keeps the water cool. The majority of the heat is not allowed to reach inside the home, which is a strong reason that the roof tiles enjoy a gold fam following.

The roof tiles are known to be durable and up for the task. They don’t rust, nor do they break easily, and nor are they prone to getting easily damaged, so they are a very reliable form of shelter. Moreover, they are game for almost any kind of situation that may befall them. In a nation like India, where the rain sees no limits on certain parts, the tile is intact and alert in preventing any possible damage. Some roofing tiles also come with the ability to age like a bottle of wine. The later, the finer, and thus it gets stronger with time.

Another critical factor that may go under the radar is the ability of roofing tiles to ensure a more soundproof environment. A person living on a busy street may know how the roofing tiles decrease at least 30 decibels of noise. It may not make a lot of difference, but people with other roof coverings will surely notice just how much effective the roofing tile is in providing that little bit of muffled silence.

Being fire resistant surely counts as a big yes-yes point in favour of roofing tiles. Not only can they resist fire but also deal effectively with heat. Villages near volcanoes or places on the equator can surely agree with just how much they appreciate the hear and fire-resistant capacity of the roofing tiles. With global warming and rising global temperatures making the planet hotter, the roofing tiles might soon become a norm worldwide.

The roofing tiles can help in keeping variable costs down too. Since they can keep the house cool, we can see why the homes in villages don’t have to rely on fans or ACs. 

The roof tiles don’t let water wait on the roof, which may result in it collapsing, nor do they let the hot air reach the people living inside, making the house cooler, and also they come in many designs, patterns, and colours these days.

The Bottom Line 

With all the roofing tiles’ positive effects, one can’t argue about their importance. The roofing tiles have been in use around for centuries and are present in village homes and buildings, and monuments built in ancient times. This shows why roofing tiles enjoy the popularity that they do. They are also not a burden on the pocket and come with a whole host of benefits that are hard to ignore, thereby making a strong statement for themselves. It’s safe to say that roofing tiles are here to stay.

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