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Minimalist design is all about understanding your necessities and keeping everything simple. However, it is never about tedious and dull interiors. Brick walls and modern interiors – one would imagine that they would be at odds with one another. But the last few years have seen architects and homeowners gravitate towards the beautiful brick wall whenever they need a touch of texture, unique character, and a dab of timeless charm sprinkled in the room. For some, the exposed brick wall in the living room expresses the rich, historical past of the building and a blend of the past and the present. So, this blog is all about the bricks minimalist design trends that you can use in your home.

History of minimalism

Minimalism rejected the extremely subjective design that emerged in the 20th century. There are many views related to the origin of this art. Some say it is influenced by the zen simplicity of traditional Japanese gardens and interiors and the clean aesthetics of Scandinavian design. Some design historians trace the origins of minimalism to the simplified forms epitomised by the Dutch De Stijl movement of 1917 to the early 1930s.

Characteristics of Minimalist Design

  • Simplicity in design to serve the overall function
  • Clean lines and compositions
  • Bright and natural lighting
  • Light and neutral colours
  • Natural flooring (and nature themes like leaves, trees, etc.)
  • Less is more
  • Focus on functionality
  • Clean, simple lines
  • Sculptural forms
  • Lack of superfluous ornamentation and decoration
  • The monochromatic, limited colour palette, with colour, sometimes used as an accent to create a soothing environment
  • Use of limited, well-chosen materials, such as concrete, steel, glass, and wood
  • Everything has a place and a purpose
  • Use of space and natural light
  • Spotlight on craftsmanship
  • Interior design that is airy and uncluttered, often with open-play layouts and seamlessly integrated storage

There are some famous architects who explained minimalism in their words:-

Minimalism is not an architecture of self-denial, deprivation, or absence: it is defined not by what is not there, but by the rightness of what is there and by the richness with which this is experienced.” –John Pawson, (architect)

“An interesting plainness is the most difficult and precious thing to achieve.” –Mies Van Der Rohe, (architect)

“Less is more” –Mies Van Der Rohe, (architect)

Brickwork in minimalism

Exposed brick walls are attractive and construction-friendly that it’s difficult to ignore. People are increasingly moving towards this bold, raw, and edgy design trend to improve their loft spaces and modern homes. You do not have to go full steam on this trend. Just get an accent wall with exposed brick to make heads turn. You can keep the furniture minimalist or dramatic, depending on your personality. You could also use distressed furniture or concrete-looking texture paint instead.

Neutral coloured bricks: Those looking for more dynamic alternatives can try out a hot neutral like grey or even black to create a bold backdrop.

Red coloured bricks: The classic red brick wall also seems at home in contemporary living rooms, where the rest of the interior is as neutral and uncluttered as possible. Brick interior design is another trend for decorating your home.

Black coloured bricks: This gives the room an organised, aesthetic look even while the brick wall is one true showstopper!

A brick wall can be made in English bond, Flemish bond, double Flemish bond, a zigzag brick pattern that regulates the strength of the wall and looks of the wall.

Use of Panache

The exposed brick wall offers a lovely and vibrant backdrop that lets you proudly showcase your cherished art collection or favourite set of family photographs in the living room. Unlike the generic white walls, this is a gallery-style setting that is far more energetic, distinctive, and attractive. With the right lighting, decor, and accessories, a living room with brick walls can be far more visually appealing, as it lets the furniture in neutral hues shine through. Decorating a room with brick walls requires far more discipline, though, as an eclectic mix can quickly become ungainly clutter because of improper planning.

Brick Wall For Small Rooms

In small rooms, you need one clear and distinct decorating style, whether vintage, modern, industrial, or shabby chic. Wall pattern using bricks is another great trend when discussing design trends.


Minimalist home design is all about understanding your necessities and keeping everything simple. However, it is never about tedious and dull interiors. So, we’d say, take chances and experiment with different elements without overstating any angle.

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