Why Clay Roof Tiles Is An Apt Choice for Your Home?

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Typically considered a part of modern architectural styles, clay roof tiles are one of the most admired roofing materials available nowadays. Installation of modern clay tiles is recommended not only for the aesthetic appeal it offers but some amazing benefits it offers over other materials.

Whether you want to construct a newly built home or renovate the existing one, you can choose clay roof tiles without giving a second thought. They will not only add charm to your place but also reduce running expenditures on maintenance and your carbon footprint.

In this blog, explore more about the perks of choosing clay roof tiles for your home.

Benefits Of Installing Clay Roof Tiles At Home

  • Clay Roof Tiles Are Extremely Durable
    Aside from being a durable and natural product, clay roof tiles require very little or no maintenance. They only need to be cleaned monthly and you can even pressure cleaned the terrace twice a year to remove all the moss and dust gathered. Installing roof tiles is the perfect option to get rid of insects and other flies. As long you invest in buying quality clay roof tiles, it will stay the same for years to come that too without losing its strength and shine. In addition, it will save your home from thermal damage as well.
  • Clay Roof Tiles Are Weather Resistant
    Clay roof tiles outshine all other roofing materials in terms of resistance to rain, snow, and ice. Its long lifespan and weather-resistant property make it an appropriate choice for all-weather seasons. Also, if you are renovating your terrace and planning to install clay roof tiles, make sure to offer more additional support before installation. This will increase the durability of tiles and make them withstand all weather mishaps strongly.
  • Clay Roof Tiles Are Easily Customizable
    As clay roof tiles are available in multiple sizes and colours ranging from reds, browns to greys, you can easily customize it as per your home’s theme and requirements. These tiles can easily be coated with enamel to offer a greater range of colours and glazes. They are also available in different styles including flat, profiled, and waved to offer plenty of scopes to create an exciting design that suits your personal tastes.
  • Clay Roof Tiles Have Stood The Test Of Time
    For ages, clay roof tiles have been used as a reliable roofing material. Countless historical structures across the globe have portrayed the example of clay as these artefacts showcase the durability and aesthetic appeal that these tiles come up with. Another great thing about them is they can be fashioned into tiles of multiple colours, sizes, shapes, and styles.
  • Clay Roof Tiles Are Environmental-Friendly
    Reducing carbon footprint has become essential nowadays. So, if you also want to contribute a little to lowering carbon footprints, clay roof tile is an apt choice to begin your journey. Its construction process requires very less involvement in carbon emission and other harmful gases that harms the environment. Overall, clay roof tiles are more environmental-friendly than other construction materials.

  • For people looking for the lowest cost construction materials, clay tiles might not be their first however, once installed, they stand strong for years while adding a greater value to the property. So, instead of going for cheap quality construction material, opt for quality clay roof tiles.

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