Expert Tips To Restoring Exposed Brick Walls

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Exposed brick walls add more beauty and charm to the place if installed properly. The warm and rustic appearance of bricks is an ideal choice for every corner of the home be it a living room or bedroom. With time, the charm and beauty of the brick wall fade away. But, you need not worry about it as you can easily restore the look of your exposed bricks wall like a new one with just a few simple tips. This blog sheds light on some of the expert tips for restoring exposed brick walls.

  • Repair the damaged mortar
    The old crushed mortar will be removed and then the gaps get repainted by applying fresh mortar to replace the hardened mortar between the bricks. Doing so adds a new life to your exposed brick wall. It not only enhances its beauty but also improves its structural stability.

  • Clean the exposed brick wall
    • Clean the brick when the mortar gets totally dry though rough texture and delicate brick composition might make cleaning a bit challenging. The abrasive cleaning procedures, particularly when the brick is old, may harm the brick and mortar, so be cautious. Do not use hard cleaning chemicals as they will decolourize the brick.
    • Clean the wall using a feather duster to eliminate the apparent dust and cobwebs before rubbing the paste on the brick area. Old lint or paper rags tend to leave more pollution and debris on the brick than other things.
    • Scrub the brick with a rigid sprinkled brush and wipe off the paste with a cloth and warm water. Repeat the same procedure throughout the whole brick wall to make it shine like a newly built brick wall.
    • Wait till the wall dries completely. When the wall is smooth it will work well. If the brick still has dirt spots, apply a more dirt-strong cleaning. Warm water alone is generally enough for cleaning exposed bricks but the detergent dish and table salt blends may then be cut through grates and stains if the wall is extremely unclean. Apply on the brick and then leave it for approximately 10 minutes to scrape off the dirt with a brush.

  • Add Interior Brick Sealant
    When your internal brick wall is clean, mended, and looking wonderful, don’t forget to apply the proper brick sealant on top. A sealant can help keep your wall look beautiful for years to come. Although brick sealant may be sprayed with a paint sprayer, running over it with a brush or roller ensures that every inch of the wall is thoroughly coated and protected.
    Using the best bricks gives you a lifelong guarantee of reduced chipping, cracking and wearing. Before picking the bricks and restoring the exposed wall, do check out for the latest ones that are available in the market.

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