Common Mistakes People Make While Installing Tiles and How To Avoid Them

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A set of newly installed tiles can instantly transform your home’s exterior and give it a new look altogether. But there are several mistakes that you should be aware of, otherwise, all your dreams of building a beautiful home will get shattered right away. 

Well, the process of installing tiles is a meticulous and labour-intensive task that should be done with intense care, caution, and technique. No matter, whether you are installing cladding tiles or any other tiles, even a small mistake can be risky for your home’s overall look. Want to know the best ways to avoid some mistakes? Read ahead! 

Mistakes to Avoid While Installing Exterior Wall Tiles

Mistake 1 – Falling Prey to Market Gimmicks

A lot of people get blown away by marketing gimmicks. But, you should understand that most sellers want to maximize their sales by making multiple promises while selling their products. Be extra careful while buying tiles for your exterior. The first step that you can take is conducting extensive market research. This will help you find the best tiles that your home deserves.

Mistake 2 – Not Choosing the Right Professional

This is another common mistake that a majority of people make, i.e., they easily believe in the tile manufacturer. You should always cross-check the material at multiple places before making a purchase. Know about the pricing, quality, durability, etc., of the tiles in the market and then make your buying decision accordingly. 

Mistake 3 – Using Multiple Cladding At Once

A lot of people prefer to install multiple types of cladding at once. However, bringing symmetry in construction with tiles of multiple thicknesses and shapes may be a daunting task. To this, add the cost of labour and installation required. All this will become a roadblock for people with a low budget. Also, every artisan might not be skilled enough to use multiple cladding at once, and you may not get the expected output. So, it is better to be minimalistic and try to use only one cladding type at once.

There are multiple exterior tiles available in the market and simply walking into a store without research will leave you in a confusing state. Know your needs and requirements before making any purchase. And if you are still confused, check out Jindal Bricks wide range of tiles and bricks. Being a leading brick cladding manufacturer, we assure to provide top-notch construction material at the best prices. Get in touch with us today and make your dream home right away!

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Jindal Mechno Bricks

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