An Architect’s Guide To Brick Cladding Tiles

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Architecture is all about creating a balance between all the elements inside a planned construction. This includes everything from the interiors to the very exteriors. As an architect, you design and plan everything in accordance with what the requirements state.

When tasked with creating a unique look for the walls, you may already know why painting the walls is already an obsolete idea. It has been replaced by the novel idea of brick cladding. They add a rustic touch to everything and actually depart from the idea of normal boring walls that do not stay the same for a long time.

Cladding tiles indeed provide you with an endless number of possibilities. However, you need to have a better understanding of cladding bricks and tiles before you decide to use them. This guide will help you choose the right cladding bricks and ensure that it gets installed correctly.

Aesthetics of Cladding Tile

  • Colour
  • Because of the variety of materials used in making these tiles, the colours in cladding tiles are a wonder for everyone. It is better to match the colour of bricks with other elements and have a plan in mind before approaching a brick manufacturer.

  • Patterns
  • Because of how natural the creation of cladding tiles is, the patterns that appear on them are often different from each other. The nature of these patterns is very veiny, and in some cases, you can get custom patterns as well. Check before you buy.

  • Texture and Finish
  • The texture and the finish of the cladding tile matters a lot, as both these factors contribute to the final look of your construction. You want a finish that lasts longer with less maintenance and a texture that is not overly done but does not make the look too smooth either.

Performance Expected From Cladding Tiles

  • Durability
  • The first thing is that the tiles need to be able to withstand the temperatures outside, while also being able to cope with the activities and humidity inside the house. You want a strong material that can stay the same with the least bit of maintenance and cladding tiles are number one when it comes to durability.

  • Sustainability
  • We need to build our dreams but not at the cost of harming the chances of our future generations. That is why eco-friendly methods should take precedence in every step. And cladding bricks can help you achieve the goal of sustainability. Because when you need to dispose of the material after using it, it can be recycled the natural way.

  • Insulation
  • Cladding tiles are like an envelope put around the building, it protects the things inside it. They can very easily be infused with thermal insulation properties, and hence, can help in reducing the dependence on temperature control appliances.

  • Maintenance
  • Maintenance is an important factor for any construction material because it needs to stay in shape for a really long time. You need a tile that can create an exposed brick wall look while still being able to resist corrosion, rusting, moulding, and mildew over different seasons. And above all this, it needs to keep its original look for years and decades to come. Cladding tiles come out clean on every aspect when it comes to maintenance.

    As an architect, your duty is more than just creating an aesthetically pleasing and appealing place. You need to bring balance to a place, and make sure that everything works as planned. At Jindal Mechno Bricks, we understand what professionals expect from a high-quality cladding tile manufacturer, and thus, we deliver solutions that make everyone win. Ask your nearest dealer for Jindal Bricks or get in touch with us to place your order!

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