Pro Tips To Choose The Right Paver Tiles

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Pavers are an eternal part of almost every home due to its versatile use. The incredible range of paver tiles exhibits a variety of sizes, styles, designs, textures and colours. You get to pick and choose whatever you want. Yet the question lies, ‘How do I get the best and most appropriate paver tiles?’

Aspects That You Must Consider To Choose The Right Paver Tiles

  • Area: It is extremely crucial for you to decide where you want to install these paver tiles. For example, sides of the swimming pool, garden pathways, pavements, etc. Once you have figured that out, you can draw an estimate of what types of paver tiles you want.

  • Style and design: Getting the perfect paver tiles for a particular area is mandatory. The style and design of the chosen tiles add to the ambience of the surrounding areas and enhance its appearance as well. Moreover, it also happens to create a good impression on the visitors and guests. Try to match the tiles with the landscape surrounding your property.

  • Colour: The colour of the tiles also add to the aesthetic values of the area where they are installed. You may choose darker shades for areas that get easily dirty and lighter shades for the areas that are not exposed to too much dirt.

  • Texture: Checking the texture of the paver tiles is also needed. The reason why we emphasize on this is that the rough texture creates resistance and prevents people from slipping away.

  • High-resistance: Always go for the high-quality and high-resistance paver tiles as you want them to stay, without any crack or damage, for long. When they are manufactured, they undergo tremendous temperature and are made sturdy enough so that they can withstand rough use and excessive pressure. Moreover, these thick tiles do not wear even in hailstorms or rain.

  • Thickness: This factor determines how much pressure you can apply on the paver tiles. Checking the thickness of the tiles is needed since you have to know if they are capable enough to bear with the heavy footfalls or the weight of vehicles.

  • Miscellaneous: Make an estimate of the number of tiles that you need and what amount you are going to afford. Based on these factors you must go ahead with your purchase.

The best part about these tiles is that their earthy shades add a natural tone and they are resistant to fungus, mold, stains and scratches. All these factors together make them highly preferred for outdoor usage.  Jindal Bricks is a trusted name when it comes to paver tiles, or for that matter, any other tile. Our quality products are made with great tenacity so that they do not succumb under pressure. You can choose from the wide array of products that we have and use them as per your requirements. Place your order today and be surprised at the affordable rates.

Jindal Mechno Bricks

Jindal Mechno Bricks

Jindal Mechno Bricks Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of machine made bricks, unglazed ceramic cladding tiles, brick pavers & hollow blocks. After manufacturing handmade bricks since 1972, Jindal Mechno Bricks Pvt Ltd, an IS0 9001 : 2008 certified company, was founded by Late Shri HansRaj Jindal & sons in 1996 to manufacture machine made bricks which are ideal to be left exposed, need not be plastered or painted. Today, bricks and related products are manufactured using both technologies of press and extrusion. We are using the latest European machines & technologies and raw materials are thoroughly tested and processed in a systematic way so that the finished products have the best quality.