7 ways to revamp your home decor with exposed brick walls

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Got a new home but didn’t know how to make it stand out? After going through endless catalogues and design ideas, one still cannot finalize what one wants their home decor to be. Top-quality paints, numerous wallpapers, shiny tiles are among the most common go-to options, but that just does not let your house stand out the way you would want it to. Spending a load of cash only to have your home looking like every other house on the street makes no sense, and that is where the exposed brick wall comes in.

Exposed brick walls have been used as decor items in various monuments and old homes in old towns and cities across civilizations, and this trend seems to be taking over again from the dead. You, too, can be a part of the trend and go for this very stylish approach to feature in your home and make it look like a premium decor item around which you can design your home. To get you a head start on your outstanding home decor, here are a few ways that you can use exposed brick walls to decorate your home to make it stand out. 

Ways to revamp your home using brick wall styling

  • A brick wall with an unfinished look can make for a good decor item. When paired with smooth tiles, the unfinished brick wall can make for an exquisite looking setup and lighten up the home. This type of decor can be used for an exposed area like a storeroom or bathroom.
  • Limewashed brick tends to lose its colour and what is left is a faded brick piece. Therefore, a limewashed brick wall comes across as a faded design option that one can opt for, and it can make the living room or a cafe come to life. The exposed brick wall’s faded look can add a quirky vibe to the setting and is overall gold to look at.
  • Homes outside of India have a brick wall with a window on it. You can almost turn on any Bollywood movie setup in a foreign land, and it heavily features this kind kf setup. However, the prettiness of the design cannot be understated. The background and the lighting add to the look of the brick wall, and also, the wall then does not need any additional material to lighten up the room.
  • Do you know what makes the best place in the house for frames? The brick wall comes in handy yet again as there is something so charming about them that you can do anything with them, and they still look great. So one can straight up decide to hang a couple of frames on that brick wall of theirs and be prepared to be stunned as to how much the feel and look of wall and frame rub on each other, and with minimal spend, you have your decor ready with absolutely no hassle.
  • Black goes with anything and everything. Be it clothes, a car, a smartphone, or just about anything, black is the safest bet that there is. So without a doubt, a black exposed brick wall would be another black decor item that takes the visitor’s breath away. But, again, these black brick walls heavily feature in various movies in big mansions in and around a fireplace, and it needs no advocating as to how much they add to the feel and look of the place.
  • Have you watched those paint ads where the people are just throwing around the paint on the walls, and everybody is just so happy to be messy? That can be you when you go for holder choices. A plain exposed brick wall in a random odd room can be your canvas, and you can go all out in decorating it yourself. Just take a brush or two and get started, go for light colours, dark colours, go for pretty much anything and paint random murals on those brick walls and give them a nice look.
  • Exposed brick walls can be the perfect art paper for a person. The blank canvas, in this case, does not necessarily have to be a dark red/brownish wall. It can be anything you want, so one could go for lovely colours when deciding what colour to paint it. In fact combination of colours can be used, or even the colour can be matched with the other rooms or decor items, and that would give the owner of the house a more flexible approach when deciding what look goes bed with the home.

The Bottom Line 

Almost 1 in 5 cafes today opt for an exposed brick wall setup. Homes are joining the trend, too, with about 1 in 100 homes opting for similar kinds of decorations. The brick wall is widespread in places like Britain. The popularity and demand for these brick walls are on the rise, and one should seriously consider the above styling options to revamp their house to make it more stylish and something that stands out from the crowd. 

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