Why Should You Care If Your Home Is Made Of Porotherm Bricks

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Our homes are the place we spend most of our time, and it needs to be the best in all aspects. As innovation has made a lot of things easier in our lives, it has also made construction material better, so people can get better construction quality overall.

One such great innovation is the lightweight and cost-effective hollow bricks or the porotherm bricks, which are a comprehensive solution to many construction issues at an attractive price point. What are porotherm bricks, and what do they do? This blog talks about this and the need for using porotherm bricks in the construction of your home.

What Are Porotherm Bricks?

Porotherm bricks are hollow clay blocks that are designed in a manner that they provide better efficiency, durability, and ease of construction. You may have already seen these bricks as large blocks used in construction with several holes running through their height. They are used for the several benefits that they provide during construction.

Benefits of Hollow Bricks

  • Lightweight and fast construction

Porotherm blocks are at least 60% lighter and bigger in size as compared to normal bricks used as construction materials. Not only does this save money, but also significantly reduces construction time as well. Also, these are really easy to handle, as well.

  • Comfortable Living

Because of being hollow, the bricks provide excellent thermal insulation as they create air-pockets within the walls. It provides comfort and is actually energy-efficient as you don’t have to spend extra on cooling/heating solutions.

  • Eco-Friendly

These are completely eco-friendly in nature as they are made from clay with only natural additives like coal ash, rice husk, and sawdust.

  • Strong and Versatile

Because of their nature, these bricks have a higher compressive strength than normal bricks, which is why they are also often used in multi-storey constructions. Because of the way they are made, they prove to be great for electrical and plumbing conduits, and also make it easy to install or mount anything on the walls.

  • Life and Fire Protection

Because of being fired at high temperatures, the bricks not only have a high durability factor but also are quite fire-resistant. They are fired at 1000 degree celsius and have a fire rating of F240 (240 Minutes). It is the ultimate life protection you need.

Hollow porotherm bricks are a great innovation as they significantly improve the living standard while also reducing costs and construction times. Jindal Mechno Bricks, one of the leading brick manufacturers in India, produces lightweight bricks at the highest quality and consistency using international quality machines. Buy the best of Jindal Mechno Bricks from your nearest dealer or get in touch directly with us to place your order.

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