What’s the Real Difference Between Facing Bricks And Normal Bricks?

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For centuries, brickwork construction has been a go-to choice in building for its robustness, endurance, and appealing aesthetics. This adaptable building material is commonly used, whether it’s a residential home or a commercial project. Made from clay and fired in a kiln, many people are unaware that there are two main types of bricks: face brick and common brick. But what’s the real difference between them?

In the world of construction, choosing the right type of bricks for your project is crucial. So, in this blog, let’s learn about face bricks vs. normal bricks to get a better understanding. 

Face Bricks vs Normal Bricks: Key Factors

1. What Are Face Bricks and Normal Bricks?

Face Bricks:

Face bricks, also known as veneer bricks, are the bricks that you see on the exterior of buildings. They are meant to stand out and add to the enhanced aesthetic appeal of a structure. Face bricks come in a range of colours, textures, and finishes, making them a popular choice for a building’s visible areas.

Normal Bricks:

On the other hand, normal bricks are the unsung heroes of construction. They provide a building’s structural core stability and strength. Usually, plasterboard, plaster, or other finishing materials hide these bricks. Regular bricks are known for their strength and ability to support weight. They are available in standard sizes.

2. Composition and Appearance:

Face Bricks:

Extra care and attention to detail are usually required when making face bricks. They are fired at high temperatures using either clay or concrete to give them a smooth and polished finish. These bricks are designed to withstand weathering without fading over time in terms of color or texture.

Normal Bricks:

Strength comes first in normal bricks. They can be made from a variety of materials, including calcium silicate, clay, and concrete. These sturdy and dependable bricks form the structural foundation of a building. Face bricks may be more sophisticated than their look because they aren’t meant to be seen.

3. Cost Considerations:

Face Bricks:

Face bricks are usually pricier compared to normal bricks. This is because of the additional effort put into their appearance and finish. If you’re looking to give your building a distinct and attractive look, face bricks are a great choice, but be prepared for a slightly higher cost.

Normal Bricks:

Normal bricks are more budget-friendly. Since they are primarily chosen for their strength and not their appearance, these bricks are a cost-effective option for the structural elements of a building. Normal bricks might be the way to go if your project is more about function than appealing.

4. Installation and Maintenance:

Face Bricks:

Installing face bricks requires a certain level of skill to ensure a visually appealing result. Mortar and spacing need careful attention to achieve a professional finish. In terms of maintenance, face bricks are relatively low-maintenance, but periodic cleaning might be necessary to maintain their appearance.

Normal Bricks:

Normal bricks are easy to install, making them a practical choice for the structural elements of a building. Maintenance is minimal, and any repairs needed are usually related to structural issues rather than appearance. Normal bricks offer a hassle-free solution for the core of your construction.

Choosing the Right Option for Your Project:

The decision between face bricks and normal bricks ultimately depends on your project’s nature and priorities.

  • If aesthetics are a top priority and you want your building to stand out, consider investing in face bricks for the visible areas.
  • If you are working within a budget and structural integrity is your main concern, normal bricks are a reliable and cost-effective choice for the hidden parts of your construction.


In conclusion, face bricks and normal bricks serve different purposes in the world of construction. Face bricks focus on aesthetics and are visible on the exterior, while normal bricks prioritise strength and provide the structural foundation. By understanding these differences, you can make an informed decision based on your project’s requirements and budget.

Remember, it’s not about choosing between good and bad but rather about choosing what’s best for your specific needs. So, whether you opt for the polished look of face bricks or the sturdy reliability of normal bricks, get it from Jindal Mechno Bricks, the best brick manufacturing company in India. We deal with high-quality, lightweight bricks for your next construction project.