Hollow Bricks: The Advantageous New Innovation In Construction

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Bricks are something that we may often not think too much about, but we have to eventually realise that all of our structures are made up of them. Literally, all the 4 walls of your homes, offices, malls, hotels, and any structure are made up of bricks. While this may not sound like a compelling reason to take care of what bricks you may be using in your construction, but there is a reason why there are so many different types of them.

One type that you may have even seen is the hollow bricks. Much like the name suggests, these bricks are hollow, with holes running throughout their height. But why are they used? What is so great about them that they are preferred as a construction material in a number of modern constructions? Let’s find out.

Advantages of Hollow Bricks

  • Time-Saving and Easy to Install

Because of being equivalent to multiple bricks in their size, these bricks actually save time and are easy to handle as compared to conventional bricks. Their large size makes installation really easy, which saves labour costs and construction times, both of which are important factors in the construction world today.

  • Thermal Insulation

Because of being hollow, these bricks make air pockets in the walls after getting completely packed. These air pockets trapped inside provide amazing thermal insulation from the elements as they don’t allow the heat to come in during summers while not letting the heat to escape in winters.

  • Sound Insulation

The air pockets in the brick also act as a great way to dampen the sound and noise coming from the outside world. This is why these hollow blocks are often also used in making office spaces and tall skyscrapers as they keep the noise of the roads and the winds out of the structure.

  • Eco-Friendly

Because they only use natural clay & minerals, and 40% less material, these bricks are a great option for green building solutions.

  • Less Dead Weight

Even though they are equivalent to 9 bricks in size, the weight of 1 hollow brick is actually only a fraction of the total weight of the 9 normal bricks. This means that even when the structures are tall and huge in scale, the total deadweight of the building remains less.

Hollow bricks are a great innovation for building tall structures owing to their lightweight and higher compressive strength. At Jindal Mechno Bricks, the leading producers of machine-made hollow bricks in India, you get the highest quality products with an unmatched consistency in all products. Get in touch with our experts to place your order directly or ask your nearest dealer for Jindal Mechno Bricks today.

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