Hollow Bricks or Solid Bricks – Which Ones Are Better For Construction?

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We all know bricks are the foundational material for all types of construction. But to choose the correct variety, you need to know where hollow bricks are used and where solid bricks are used. Usually, people need to pay more attention to the type of brick used to construct a house. But you know what’s more concerning? Many people need to be aware of which is better to use.

What Exactly Are Hollow Bricks?

Hollow bricks are new-age bricks that are gaining attraction in the construction industry. Hollow bricks are easy to handle and absorb less water. The hollow area of the bricks make it light and durable.

What Exactly Are Solid Bricks?

Solid bricks are known to build load-bearing and non-load-bearing masonry walls or claddings. Although traditional solid brick is made from clay, the term may describe limestone and other types of blocks used in masonry walls.

What is the use of Hollow Bricks?

  1. Hollow bricks are employed in buildings where the dead load placed on the foundation must be decreased.
  2. It is economical to construct boundary fences out of hollow bricks.
  3. Huge constructions necessitate lightweight building materials to lessen the superimposed load of the structure on the soil; hollow brick is a popular option for engineers in these situations.
  4. By utilising less mortar, hollow bricks help lower the building cost.
  5. Hollow bricks are made in an environmentally favourable manner and are therefore employed in polluted areas.
  6. Used to transmit electrical wiring and plumbing fixtures through built-in walls and when steel needs to be strengthened inside masonry walls.

What is the use of Solid Bricks?

  • Solid bricks are mostly used for making sturdy and durable walls.
  • These bricks are also pressed into the surface for a strong foundation.
  • To build a garden wall, you can use solid bricks as they’re more affordable and don’t require cumbersome masonry.
  • Solid bricks can be used in making a circular fire pit for a patio barbecue. They can withstand the heat of fire for a long time.
  • These bricks can be arranged for creating garden planters to decorate your garden. You can use solid bricks to create planters around the existing tree and raise them as high as you want.
  • To build a retaining wall, you can use solid bricks as they increase the wall’s strength.

Let’s compare Hollow Bricks and Solid Bricks:


Both hollow and solid bricks comprise cement, sand, aggregate, fly ash and chemical admixture.


Both blocks come in the same size of 400 mm length* 100 mm width and depth of 100,150 and 200mm. The depth depends on the thickness of the wall you want.


Hollow bricks are lighter in weight compared to solid bricks. It is because hollow bricks have a hollow structure inside them. This structure helps reduce the amount of steel per square foot in construction.

Cost of Production

The cost of producing hollow bricks is less than solid bricks – the amount of material used to create hollow bricks is less.

Increase in Productivity

Hollow bricks increase the productivity of labour compared to solid bricks. Since hollow bricks are light in weight and can be easily carried and placed, they increase productivity.

Use of bonding material

Because of the hollow structure of hollow bricks, the surface area on which you’ll apply cement mortar to bond the bricks is less. Thus, the amount of bonding material required for hollow bricks is less than solid bricks.

Thermal and Sound Insulation

The hollow structure of hollow bricks makes them perfect in terms of thermal and sound insulation. Being thermal insulation approved, these bricks will help reduce the electricity bill as they keep the house cold and heat according to the need.


When chiselling for electricity and plumbing lines, you might chisel extra that can easily break hollow bricks from the hollow portion compared to solid bricks. This might need a local repair of that particular hollow block.


After comparing both kinds of bricks, we can say that hollow bricks are better than solid bricks. You can use hollow bricks to construct your house. Jindal Techno Pvt. Ltd. offers hollow bricks at attractive prices. Our bricks come in various sizes from which you can choose according to your requirement.

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