7 Best Stone Wall Cladding Decor Ideas You Must Try

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Home interior and exterior walls not only plays a key role in making a great first impression but also reflect the personality of the homeowner or the space they own. From choosing the right colour theme to choosing the right furniture and fixtures, there is a lot you can do to bring your dream home to life. Nowadays, there are plenty of wall design options available that you ever had in the bygone era. 

Cladding, in particular, is one of the most popular wall options sought by homeowners today. Installing these types of cladding offers aesthetic benefits and gives a completely new look to your home. 

Here are Some Best Stone Wall Cladding Decor Ideas to Consider:

  1. The 3D Effect

As an alternative to choosing simple cladding, an amazing visible effect may be created by using stone tiles that reflect a 3D impact. Don’t forget to bring in a lighting device that casts shadows to enhance the effect of the stone wall outside the gate. For that, you can also use granite as it is available at cheap prices and can help you bring in this effect. It is very durable and easily withstands the exposure of natural elements.

2. The Rustic Look

To add a rustic and rugged touch to your kitchen, you can install stone cladding in your backsplash. The contrast between the natural stone colour and the lighter hues can help you make your kitchen look modern. Cladding tile is also a great option if it is applied only on a single section of the kitchen. For a natural touch, you can combine the natural stone wall cladding with wooden touch walls. 

3. The Slate Finish

Installing slate finish wall tiles provide a lighter feel to your home. You can also install it in a bigger space within your home interior. Doing so will reflect an attention-grabbing touch when combined with the plain solid walls. 

4. The Mix Shade

If you are remodeling the outside facade of your home, using a mixture of stone cladding can be a point of attraction for the guests. In that case, installing cladding tiles is a great choice as it has a higher capability to withstand moisture and acts as an amazing alternative to other types of exterior tiles. You can also mix it with cladding bricks to make your exterior facade attractive. 

5. The White & Grey Bathroom

Stonewall cladding is also a great idea for the bathroom as they add amazing texture and liven up the overall space of the bathroom. For that, you can opt for white and grey stone claddings, which complement the white space of the bathroom and add a royal touch to it. This idea is absolutely perfect if you are looking forward to giving a monotone look to your bathroom. 

6. The Mystique Black Touch

Black stone wall cladding can never go out of style and is a forever preferred option for homeowners. In addition to reflecting a timeless feel to your bedroom, black tiled walls can complement any of the colour themes. But, make sure to choose the one with sharp cuts so that it makes your bedroom completely modern and adds a black beauty touch to it. 

7. The Symmetrical Beauty Look

Ledgestone is one of the most preferred styles of wall cladding design where all the same-sized tiles are arranged in a continuous manner. Its unfinished and gritty texture serves as a striking contrast with your modern home furnishing and interior. You can use this decor idea for your bathroom as well and give a symmetric beauty look to it. 

Stone wall cladding is a popular option due to its flexibility or versatility. So, if you’re planning to spruce up your home interior and exterior, you can try these aforementioned ideas. At Jindal Bricks, we provide top-notch cladding tiles at the best prices that can help you add a modern touch to your home. Visit the online store and pick from the wide range of options available.

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