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Tiles have been there for a long time and demonstrate their durability, long-lasting, and sustainable qualities. A wide range of materials can be used for roofing your home. While choosing the roof, you should not only focus on things that will not blow away. Best roof tile is the perfect option for roofing as it has been used for centuries ago. Tiles can be beneficial by various things from proper look to your house and reducing thermal performance costs and energy.  

What is Roof Tile?

Home is the basic need of every person. The roof is an integral part of your house. Therefore choosing the suitable material for your roof is very important. Roof tile is a type of product made from some natural material to protect your house roof.  

The history of roof tile is very ancient. In 10000 BC, people used to put clay tiles on their roofs. From almost 2010, with modern techniques, highly superior and lightweight best roof tiles came into the Indian markets. 

Why Roof Tiles? 

Roof tiles have become most favored and used widely everywhere. Roof tiles are used in modern designed homes also. It offers the ultimate and best protection to the roof of your house. Roof tiles are durable, which protects the roof in any weather conditions.

As per the reports, 11 UV Index is much higher than 15 UV Index, which makes our house quite warm in summer. During monsoon, the heavy rains continue for days with a nonstop downpour. Our roof has to face all these climatic conditions.

We should try our best to keep our homes protected from all these types of climate conditions. This can be done by using the roof tiles. Roof tiles help us to keep our house cool during summers and less humid during the rainy season. Roof tiles are made from clay and designed to withstand all-natural calamities. There are numerous benefits to using roof tiles in your home. 

Benefits of Using Best Roof Tile

Heat Resistance:

Heat resistance is the primary specialty of roof tiles. As clay helps in reducing heat retention, it takes very much time to heat the house. Due to this, very little heat is passed through your house roofings, which keeps your home cooler.  

The shape of the roof tiles also helps in reducing heat retention. The shape, color, size, and ventilation created by roof tiles help reduce the heat and keep your house cool. 


Roof tiles are durable, and they sustain for a very long period. They don’t get damaged so easily the severe climatic effects like excessive heat or rain. Roof tiles don’t ever rust or corrode by the drastic climate changes. 

Because of these properties, roof tiles are the best options for the locations where the climate is harshest. Whether the location is excellent, desert, or rainy, roof tiles work efficiently and equally well on all the natural changes. 

Roof tiles come with adhering testing and durability to protect your house. They are sturdy and robust. The best factor of roof tiles is that they become stronger and more complex with age. 


Roof tiles are the perfect option for noise cancellation. Best roof tile prevents your house or offices from reducing and entering the sound so that you live your life or do york peacefully without any outside sound disturbance. 

Roof tiles can reduce the sound by almost 30 decibels which is double the capacity compared to any other soundproofing material. Because of this, you can stay calm even in crowded surroundings. You will not have to worry about your sleep even in the rainy season.

Fire Resistant:

Roof tiles are also heat and fireproof. Tiles can be used easily and safely in the areas which are more prone to fire as they are good insulators.

Energy Saver:

Roof tiles have less amount of embodied energy as compared to other roofing materials. As mentioned before, tiles reduce the heat and keep our house cooler. Due to this our cooling requirements are also reduced. Using a proper roofing solution becomes much more stable in the great winds or cyclones. You can get in touch with the best roof tile company Jindal Mechno Bricks Pvt Ltd., for better results. 


As we have seen, there are lots of benefits of roof tiles. Early tiles were heavyweight, but with the innovations and using different materials, tiles are now lightweight. Apart from all, these roof tiles make your house attractive as they come in stunning designs, shapes, and colors, making your roof very attractive with so many benefits. If you plan to use roof tiles for your house, you should analyze all these points adequately. The right time to install roof tiles is in summer. If you want to install it, you can seek an expert opinion and discuss it. 

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