Advantages of Using Brick Tiles

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Who Doesn’t like to make their home attractive and beautiful? When it comes to decorating your home brick tiles are a perfect choice. They come with lots of variations like designs, and colors and most importantly they have various benefits also. The colors and warmth that come to your house with brick tiles are unbelievable. Making all this happen is quite easy, as they are an affordable and efficient method to enhance the exterior or interior of your house without building the wall from scratch. Unlike traditional bricks, tiles are convenient take up a little space at a low cost and are easy to use. 

How Brick Tiles are Created?

Brick Tiles are also known as brick slips. These are mainly made of two types: preformed and conventional.

Preformed Method

A normal brick is made when a clay-formed brick is heated in an oven. Brick slips are made in this interaction by wire-cutting cuts from a normal brick before its oven is terminated. These are called preformed slips and are efficiently manufactured for the purpose of the building.

Since they’re cut from the state of a normal brick, brick tiles frequently utilize similar aspects: 215mm x 65mm. Contingent upon the producer, you can buy tiles as thick as 50mm or as slender as 15mm.

Conventional Method

Recovered or conventional brick tiles are prior bricks that have been exhumed and transformed into a brick slip. They are “credible” as in each tile comes from a genuine brick that has been normally endured and presented to the components. Recovered brick slips are sawn from a normal brick and arrive in an assortment of choices, including the in-vogue white-coated brick tile found in hip bars and restaurants.

Where Can These Tiles Use?

If an ordinary brick can be utilized, then a brick tile can be utilized too. Brick facades are great for a collection of applications and rooms. They increment the style of a room with a characteristic enhancing look. Here are a few instances of how you can use brick sneaks throughout your home.

Kitchens: Use these tiles to establish a warm and welcoming climate in your kitchen.

Restrooms: Accent a washroom wall with brick tiles or framework a door jamb.

Living Room: Add an inside uncovered brick wall to upgrade the person and warmth of your lounge room.

Outside: Use brick slips to secure the external segments of your home. They can be utilized to fix stacks, fire pits, and outside walls while working on visual allure.

As compared to regular brick walls, brick tiles lack structural integrity, they truly do hold the protection impacts of typically measured bricks. This implies you can make an energy-effective wall or room that holds heat while decreasing the weight and thickness of a wall. You also take the benefit of extra important floor space, since brick tiles can be applied to walls or surfaces that are more slender than a normal brick wall.

Benefits of Using Brick Tiles


While normal bricks have a decent level of solidarity, they are more prone to damage which can influence the general home design. Using brick tiles, you get the option to have home plan choices that are more solid. This makes it ideal for both open-air and indoor regions. These tiles are made with the greatest quality, guaranteeing that they have a long life expectancy while staying solid and simple to maintain.

Easy To Use:

With the method turning into a standard building method, conventional bricklaying is training that has been around for a very long time. While this method has been refined and worked on throughout the long term, it is as yet a method that requires some investment and time. Clearing a path for bricklaying can influence the structured season of the remaining part of your home. By using brick tiles, you would have the option to stay away from these bothers, as the methodology for using these tiles is a lot simpler and more productive.

The advantage of introducing tiles is that they don’t definitely hamper your home’s building cycle. Builders can keep the focus on house development prior to adding the actual tiles. Alongside is not difficult to use, the most common way of supplanting or fixing brick tiles is simpler too. You would not have to eliminate enormous areas of tiles as you would do on bricks. You would just have to fix and eliminate individual tiles, ensuring that they would not influence the encompassing region.

Various and Best Designs:

Brick tiles come in various styles, colors, and designs compared to regular bricks which makes a more suitable choice. Choosing brick tiles makes your home more pleasant and stylish. Whether you are planning to make a rustic-looking kitchen or modern bathroom, these tiles can give you an excellent look. 


As we saw there are a lot of benefits of using brick tiles. These tiles are also cost-effective and easy to transport. These tiles can eliminate the old boring brick design and open a wide range of home decor options upon your preferences. For the best brick look without spending more, brick tiles are the best choice.

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Jindal Mechno Bricks

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