6 Ways To Improve Your Home With Cladding Tiles

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We all want the best decors for our homes, be it on the inside or the outside. And we all have different ideas for how we want the place to look, and there are multiple ways to do that. If you really want to jazz up the place, you will think about the lights, the furniture, while also adding elements like art, curtains, and other decorative pieces. 

But, what about the walls? Yes, the plain walls that you will just paint and leave as is! Gone are the days when the walls used to be plain and boring that make the home feel dull.

You might be wondering what else you can do about the walls apart from painting. You can do a lot if you have heard about cladding tiles!

Cladding tiles are brick-like pieces of tiles that carry that rough texture and elegance as an exposed brick wall, without having to expose your wall. And there is more than one way of using them. Here is how you can elevate the decor of your home with cladding tiles. 

Ideas for Using Cladding Tiles in Homes

  • Accent Walls

You can create a bold and beautiful look by using cladding tiles in accent walls. Accent walls are the wall in an area that has a different look than the other 3 to create an “accentuated look.” Instead of painting the last wall in a different and contrasting colour, you can consider using cladding tiles for this accentuated look.

  • Asymmetrical Walls

One way to add the extra flair to a boring wall is to make use of asymmetrically-sized tiles. Cladding tiles come in various shapes with different height and widths that can be fit together to create harmony. Popularly called ledgestone, this technique can be used to create regular, as well as accent walls.

  • Black

Black has just begun to gain its popularity in the decor of houses. And to help you create an even elegant and ever more sophisticated look, black cladding tiles can be an awesome choice. Imagine a white bedroom with a black bed and a black wall of cladding tiles. Amazing, right!

  • 3 Dimensional Effect

3 D shapes are all about the play of light and shadow, especially when you place the light in the right place. With cladding tiles cemented at different levels and angles, the 3 D pulsating look is an amazing idea to create expressionism in the walls of your home.

  • Stairs

Stairs may come as unexpected places to you, but the look that cladding tiles will create in steps will make them pop out. Just place them on the face side of the stairs instead of using them on the top, and you have created a really unique look for your places. 

  • Least Expected Places

That is the most amazing aspect of cladding tiles, they can be placed anywhere, even in the most unexpected places. A pillar in the house, a weight-bearing beam, or even the kitchen slabs can make good options for cladding tiles. 

Cladding tiles are the best way to create an exposed brick look, while also adding a lot of character in a place. It is a versatile decor trend that has covered a lot of ground in terms of modern decor. If you are looking for wall cladding tiles in India, look no further than Jindal Mechno Bricks. Made with the finest materials and with the latest technology, these cladding tiles will come out consistent and unique in all manners. Ask for Jindal Bricks from your nearest dealer today.

Jindal Mechno Bricks

Jindal Mechno Bricks

Jindal Mechno Bricks Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of machine made bricks, unglazed ceramic cladding tiles, brick pavers & hollow blocks. After manufacturing handmade bricks since 1972, Jindal Mechno Bricks Pvt Ltd, an IS0 9001 : 2008 certified company, was founded by Late Shri HansRaj Jindal & sons in 1996 to manufacture machine made bricks which are ideal to be left exposed, need not be plastered or painted. Today, bricks and related products are manufactured using both technologies of press and extrusion. We are using the latest European machines & technologies and raw materials are thoroughly tested and processed in a systematic way so that the finished products have the best quality.