4 Latest Exterior Cladding Colours to Consider for Your Next Home Project

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Are you planning to go ahead with your home project this year? Ensure you make some smart choices when it comes to wall cladding, its materials, and its colours. Selecting the right colour for your exterior cladding and flat roof tiles can have some major effects on the value and vibe of the property

So, whether you want to highlight the architectural theme of the house, or bring out a vibrance to your surroundings, here are the top 5 exterior cladding colour options for you, from all over the world.

  • Elemental Colours
    Homeowners who look for a more grounding and stable look should go for balanced elemental colours. These colours can be beige, wood, wenge, and caramel. You can also go for grey, mud, and brown tones to get a bold and sophisticated appearance. Whichever colour you choose, just make sure it compliments your interior and surrounding walls.
  • Dark Colours
    Would like to paint your front façade dark? You have versatile options like walnut, terracotta, chocolate, and brown. This trend has been in a rage for a while. Experts recommend going for textured finishing if you want to give a dramatic look to your property. However, you can go for a plain finish for a more subtle look.
  • Contrast Colours
    Ever thought of giving a contrast appearance on your exterior cladding? Hop this trend and create your style statement. Although, oyster and brown are rated as one of the most popular contrast colours in 2021. You can also go for a combination of mud and terracotta. Apart from this, the contrasting combination of beige and chocolate are also turning heads in 2021.
  • Traditional Style
    Why not give a blend of traditional and contemporary look to your new home project? This fusion is called transitional architecture by the experts. This fusion has a combination of classic and modern colours. Colours like oak, citrus, chocolate, and beige go well with this concept. Connect with a professional cladding expert to identify the best colours for your exterior wall cladding.

And That’s a Wrap-Up!

The trends will come and go. But, you must pick a colour combination that will make your home project stand out in the crowd. Some research about colour combinations will help immensely in choosing the right colour and finishing texture for your exterior cladding. Avoid experimenting too much with colours as changing the hollow brick wall cladding frequently can be a daunting task. To ensure that you choose the right tiles, trust none other than Jindal Bricks for the best results.

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