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If you search for a savvy method for renovating the interior of your home, you can utilize brick tiles or brick impact tiles to add a spic and span look to your inside walls. Brick tiles are reasonable and versatile to work with, yet you can apply them DIY and use them to make an assortment of extraordinary elements inside your home.

Brick tiles, also called wall cladding tiles, have become extremely famous, and this is essential because of the way they come in such a wide assortment of tones and looks, offering you practically plenty of choices. They are lightweight and straightforward to work with, permitting you to accomplish a similar brick-like wall inside your home as you have outside.

The sky’s the limit. Brick tiles come in different famous colors like rat, brown, blue, and orange. They are additionally accessible in different completions, and you can also pick a famous completion, for example, coated brick tiles. This implies that you can have different snazzy completions inside your home and make an excellent element wall that will stand out in any room.

What are Wall Cladding Tiles?

Brick tiles are additionally called wall cladding tiles, and they are basically slight cuts of brick or reason-made brick tiles that you can use all through your home – all around. They are generally used to imitate a regular brick wall and can be utilized in inside and outside conditions.

They are an extremely well-known choice and regular in numerous advanced homes. Their interest has been expanding throughout the most recent couple of years, and there is a wide assortment of choices accessible to offer for any home owner’s expectations. Wall cladding tiles are also breathable, sturdy and non-flammable. They are produced using strong, recyclable materials, making them energy effective and the ideal answer for an area that should be enhanced.

Brick impact tiles are essentially utilized for their tasteful allure, as they offer a fast and valuable option in contrast to regular bricks. You can now have a brick-like completion on your walls – inside and outside.

With the right glue and preliminary, you can make an excellent, solid and enduring appearance for your home. There is a wide range of completions that you can browse however, famous choices frequently incorporate an endured look, as this gives you a similar natural feel inside the home as you have on your external brick walls. They come in a wide range of sizes and they can also be handcrafted to accommodate your particular prerequisites.

These brick tiles are solid and long-lasting, making them the ideal investment for any retail space. They give a rural, authentic feel and transform any space into an advanced, trendy climate. Brick tiles can also be utilized monetarily, and they fit entirely in hotels, cafes and apparel outlets.

The Advantages of Wall Cladding Tiles

Brick tiles and brick impact tiles are famous in, explicitly on the grounds that they immediately give you the ideal brick-like look while being practical and lightweight. The endured brick cladding look is particularly well known, as this can right away turn any inside climate to a natural, tough look that fits in impeccably with many homes. It gives a heavier surface completion, like what outside walls resemble.

Brick tiles offer many advantages to property holders who need to change it up and style the interiors of their houses. In addition to the fact that they are not difficult to apply, they offer the ideal option in contrast to modifying an inside or outside wall. These lightweight brick tiles are fabricated to be water-safe, and they normally have clean properties as they stop the growth of fungus and algae.

Here are a couple of well-known advantages of utilizing wall cladding tiles:

  • Different colors available
  • Lightweight and solid
  • Can make a wide range of inside wall styles
  • Simple to install on inside and outside walls
  • Expects next to zero maintenance
  • Like ordinary bricks – breathable, tough and recyclable
  • They are energy proficient
  • Excellent and commonsense in numerous conditions

One incredible advantage of these brick tiles is that they can also be utilized in retail. This is extraordinary for a climate like hotels, bistros or bars, or you can undoubtedly make a natural, decent look that your visit will permit. You can also use brick tiles against practically any wall, slim and exceptionally versatile for inside use.

With such countless colors and plans to browse, you can make a striking look that will increase the value of any property when utilizing sharp brick tiles.


Wall cladding tiles are immensely effective solutions for your homes and commercial places. These tiles are made with the best material that makes them strong, durable, and robust, with exceptional style and finishes. When you are searching for these tiles, always prefer to use branded tiles that are high in standards and quality.

Jindal Mechno Bricks

Jindal Mechno Bricks

Jindal Mechno Bricks Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of machine made bricks, unglazed ceramic cladding tiles, brick pavers & hollow blocks. After manufacturing handmade bricks since 1972, Jindal Mechno Bricks Pvt Ltd, an IS0 9001 : 2008 certified company, was founded by Late Shri HansRaj Jindal & sons in 1996 to manufacture machine made bricks which are ideal to be left exposed, need not be plastered or painted. Today, bricks and related products are manufactured using both technologies of press and extrusion. We are using the latest European machines & technologies and raw materials are thoroughly tested and processed in a systematic way so that the finished products have the best quality.

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