Why Choose Hollow Blocks?


Time Saving : The large size of hollow bloks is equivalent to 8.43 bricks. Therefore, blocks are faster and easier to install which in turn saves construction time and labour cost.


Thermal insulation : Hollow blocks have perforations which trap air and provide thermal insulation. Thus, they keep the interior spaces cool in summer and warm in winter.


Green building material : 40% less clay is used to make hollow blocks than used for conventional bricks. This makes hollow blocks a green building material.


Less Dead Load : Hollow Block is 60% lighter than the volumetric equivalent of 9 bricks. Thus, hollow blocks will reduce the amount of dead load for buildings and thus structure cost will be cut down.


Fast & Easy Installation! : 1 Hollow block is equivalent to 9 bricks. The large size makes handling and installation very easy and quick.